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May 23rd


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Looking for something different for the hen’s party that you are organising? How about a Nail Art
Hens Party? We make organising a hen’s party simple and easy so that you can have maximum fun
with your friends and the bride-to-be at the hen’s party. We have a team of therapists ready to
travel to you, they bring all the needed equipment to set up a lovely nail art station in your lounge/
living room. Your guests can choose from 15 different basic nail art designs.

When organising the hen’s party, once you have a confirmed guest list we create a schedule for the
therapist/s to use on the day/evening as a guideline so that the party flows smoothly and no-on
misses out. You don’t even need to know how many guests are attending until 5 days prior to the
booking date. Too easy!

Recently we helped a client organise a Nail Art Hens party in Williamstown. There were 16 guests
attending and the party started at 7.30pm. The 2 therapists arrived at 6.45pm to set up in the living
room and commenced at 7.30pm as the guests began to arrive. Each guest had a 15min Mini Nail Art
Manicure with 1 feature nail on each hand. It took the 2 therapists 2 hours to complete everyone,
while they were working the other guests were able to participate in the hens party games, chat
amongst themselves, enjoy the food and have a few drinks. Many of the guests were busy Mum’s
with not much time to pamper themselves and there were a lot of comments saying, “I can’t wait to
show my kids and husband tomorrow!” The next day which just happened to be Mother’s Day!

Let us help you organise a Nail Art party, stress free! All you need to do is place a $50.00 non-
refundable booking fee with the balance due 5 days prior to the booking date. You don’t need to
do confirm numbers now, all you need to do is email your confirmed guest list 5 days prior to the
booking date so that we can create a schedule.

Mini Nail Art Manicure – 15min
Includes: Nail file and shape, 1 feature nail with basic nail art design on each hand
Price: $25.00 per person

Indulgence Nail Art Manicure – 30min
Includes: Nail file and shape, 10 feature nails with basic nail art design on each hand
Price: $50.00 per person

Call Now – 03 9008 4215
Jacqui & the TRT team

hens party

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May 19th

Surprise Birthday Gift For Your Wife

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your wife? Do you want to spoil her and help her feel fantastic? Lots of women love to be surprised and pampered for their birthday. We can help you with an easy to organise surprise that will leave your partner feeling happy and relaxed. We received a lot of phone calls from guys who are looking for the perfect gift for their other half and have something in mind other than just a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers.

french pedicure

Recently we heard from a client in Wheelers Hill, it was his wife’s birthday on the weekend and he wanted to organise a therapist to come to their home to give his wife a 90min Hot Stone massage, a 30min Indulgence manicure, a 30min Indulgence pedicure and a 30min Indulgence facial. He had told his wife that she needs to be at home on the Saturday afternoon at 3.30pm because there was a surprise for her, but he did not tell her the nature of the surprise. He then also booked their favourite restaurant to go to later in the evening. When the therapist arrived and announced the surprise to his wife, she was totally speechless and happy. She then could not stop thanking her husband, saying “thank you, it’s the perfect gift!” Needless to say our client was very satisfied with the result of the surprise gift and he was happy that he had blown his wife away so much that she was speechless as she is normally very talkative.

Arranging the perfect surprise birthday gift with us is so easy! All you need to do is let us know the time, date, location and we will be there!

Birthday Surprise Package

90min Hot Stone Massage

30min Indulgence Manicure

30min Indulgence Pedicure

30min Indulgence Facial

Price: $300.00

We would love to help you to organise the ultimate surprise birthday gift for your wife!

Jacqui & the TRT team

03 9008 4215

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May 12th

About our massages

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“Are massages supposed to be relaxing?” A client recently asked, “I definitely feel relaxed afterwards. In this case the client was suffering from neck tension and he required a firm massage to relieve the tension and muscles dysfunction that had built up from the stress and physical demands of running his own pest control business. At points during the massage he may have felt slight discomfort when the pressure became deeper but was not so painful that he needs to clench his muscles to tolerate the pressure. Afterwards he exclaimed that he most certainly was relieved of his neck tension and feeling much better. We offer both deep tissue massage and relaxation massage. Relaxation massage is a soft and gentle massage for people needing to escape the stress of life. However for conditions such as lower back pain, neck tension, golfer’s arm, and tennis elbow etc. a firmer pressure may need to be applied to work through the muscle dysfunction.

Couples Massage Melbourne CBD

Many of our clients are busy business owners who appreciate the convenience of a mobile service in the own homes when other massage clinics maybe shut. Imagine coming home from work and after your evening meal your massage therapist arrives to set up their equipment in your home, when they leave you are in a state of complete relaxation, ready for bed. Our service is so convenient that we help you relax so that you can literally tuck yourself straight in bed and feel great!

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May 6th

We Love Our Mums – Mother’s Day Mobile Massage Gift Voucher

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Mums are special. They are often the unsung heroes of our lives. Where would we be without their love, support, encouragement and commitment? A Mother’s day gift voucher is a beautiful way to give your Mum a wonderful and relaxing experience. Mother’s Day is our chance to say thank-you. Thank-you for the years of driving us around to sporting activities, sleep over, dance lessons. Thank-you for years of cooking, cleaning washing and making sure we get to school on time with our homework done. Do we under estimate the hours of devotion that our Mum’s poor into our lives? They go above and beyond the call of duty.
Mobile massage on mothers day
Yes we love to spoil our Mum’s on Mother’s Day with chocolate, flowers and cards. Why not consider spoiling your Mum this year with a lovely mobile massage or facial? She won’t have to go anywhere, she won’t have to do anything all she needs to do is sit back relax and be pampered. She will simple drift off and relax with our range of in-home treatments. You could combine a voucher to include, massage, manicure and pedicure. Or simple let her choose her preferred treatment options. Let our team of therapists give your Mum a well-deserved break this year! Say “Thank-you”.
We wish all the Mum’s out there a happy and special Mother’s Day, 2014!
Jacqui & the TRT team

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May 1st

Pregnancy massage – a testimonial

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What an amazing experience, which I would recommend to any mother to be. I had my first pregnancy massage with Total Relaxation Therapy last week at 24 weeks pregnant. The first trimester had come and gone with quite a bit of nausea and I was now beginning to notice tightness in my calves, buttocks and hips. It wasn’t really stopping me from doing anything, but I was having some trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep and found that I was very restless during the day. My husband organized for me to have a massage with an in-home therapist and it was easy from start to finish. I didn’t need to go anywhere, she came to my house fully equipped with massage table, music and amazing pregnancy pillow!!

Pregnancy massage melbourne

My massage therapist was in tune with what my body needed and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Throughout the massage she found all my problem areas, some fairly deep, which she was able to work on and ‘unknott’. The comfortable pregnancy pillow allowed me to completely relax and enjoy the full benefits of massage.

But my favorite part of the experience was that she finished off our session with a facial massage. By the end my entire body as relaxed and spent the rest of the day in a relaxed and blissful state.

That night was the first night in a long time that I could find a comfortable position to sleep. I managed to sleep through the night and was even quite relaxed the following day.

Thank you TRT for a wonderful afternoon, coming to my house and pampering me, allowing me to unwind and enjoy my pregnancy even more.

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Apr 22nd

Top 3 Tips: Bring Your Hens Party Ideas to Life

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Want to bring your hens party ideas to life, stress free? Have you said “Yes” to being a Bridesmaid or Maid-of-Honour? You may be discovering that there is a lot more to it than just turning up on the day and looking beautiful. To bring a hens party to you need to plan and prepare. Take the stress out planning a hens party here are our top 3 tips!

Tip 1. Meet with your team
As soon as possible get together with the other bridesmaids to start discussing and planning the hens day or evening. Prior to the meeting request from the bride a few dates and times that would be suitable for her prior to the wedding. When you are together with the other bridesmaids lock-in the date, an approximate start time and duration, this will help to efficiently start planning and booking your ideas!

Tip 2. Delegate Responsibility
If you are working with other bridesmaids delegate the tasks that need to be done. Divide tasks such as guest list and invitations, booking activities and venues, preparing games and prizes etc. If it is an in-home party delegate someone to be in charge of food and beverage co-ordination. “Bring a plate” is an effective cost saver! You will also need someone to be responsible for collecting funds from guests for any activities or entertainment that require pre-payment. It will save you a head ache by sharing the roles and having clear expectations.

Tip 3. Set an R.S.V.P. date
It’s a lot of effort and preparation to co-ordinate a hens party. Make sure that the guests that have been invited are informed of an r.s.v.p. date that is at least 2 weeks prior to the hens party date. Don’t let your efforts be wasted by people who are unable to commit or aren’t reliable to r.s.v.p. Have a firm Yes/No answer from each guest, no MAYBE’s!

Enjoy the day! You maybe tired and exhausted from other things in your life as well as from the hens party planning, but remember a hens party is a special get together that you have planned for someone that you LOVE! Enjoy the special moments together & have fun!

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Sep 17th

Shopping During Pregnancy

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We have been busy shopping during pregnancy & I can’t wait for my pregnancy massage on the 9th , l have been so busy with getting the house ready for babes. We have set up the cot and had our lovely red carpet removed and replaced with a much nicer natural colour. We have decided on a theme for the baby’s room, and have been surfing the net for farm yard animals stickers or stencils.

It is very exciting when you start preparing the room; we have been blessed with friends sending us gifts. We have to return some clothes we brought as on our 12 week scan the Dr said we had a girl coming then we were told on our 20week scan it’s a Beautiful baby boy. We are lucky we didn’t go over board with purchases.

We are currently buying neutral colours just in case. Enjoy and have fun with your partner shopping, go together it’s a lovely experience and l normally hate the shops. I did notice that it’s hard to get neutral colours as most Baby shops have the pinks and blues.

If you are shopping during pregnancy, we found that Big W had a great range of clothes and products. Baby bunting had the pram and car seat for us. The staff at Baby Bunting are fantastic very professional and they also arranged the car seat to be fitted for us. We decided on the car seat over a capsule as our pram we brought came with a bassinet attachment.

We were told that it’s better for the baby to sleep in the bassinet then a capsule, if we went to a friend house then the baby can only be in a capsule for a short amount of time because of their spin is slightly bent as the capsule is not flat, but if we had the baby in the bassinet he could sleep in it for a long time so we wouldn’t be restricted with how long we stayed at our friends house.

Enjoy Shopping.

Kate Croydon.

Total Relaxation Therapy – We Specialise in Mobile Pregnancy Massage, if you are pregnant & considering a massage we would love to talk with you. Call Jacqui 0423 256 018

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Sep 13th

Sex In The City Themed Bridal Shower

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Zoe’s Sex In The City Themed Bridal Shower

Being your big cousins maid of honor comes with some advantages. For example knowing exactly what her favorite things are. So when the idea of a Sex and the City themed bridal shower at my aunties house was suggested we decided then and there that was it! But what would a Sex and the City themed shower be without some pampering? Which is where Jacqui and her fabulous team at Total Relaxation Therapy came into things. Having never organized a bridal shower before I was completely oblivious to the endless hours of hard work and planning that went into an event like this. Total Relaxation helped so much as they were so so easy to work with, and around. Jacqui was very helpful in answering any questions I had along the way and I felt our day was in very capable and professional hands.

When the day finally came it was a mad rush trying to get everything set up and decorated. In true Sex and the City themed bridal shower we decorated in black and pink with a New York theme and our guests enjoyed a variety of American themed nibbles such as Mini Burgers, Cocktail franks, Mini Pizza’s, Mini quiches and Meatballs. Our drinks menu was made up of 6 cocktails, Cosmopolitan’s (Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic), The Carrie, The Charlotte (Non Alcoholic), The Samantha and The Miranda, which were all based on their characters and didn’t contain too many difficult measurements or ingredients.

When the fabulous Total Relaxation team arrived they were very organized and on time. After checking with Jacqui, who was very flexible in organizing where we could set up, we decided to set up the mobile day spa in the upstairs living room as we thought it was a great open space where our pampered guests could relax away from the goings on downstairs!! Jacqui was also very helpful in organizing us a customized running schedule for the day to work around our many activities! Whilst 2 guests at a time were enjoying their beautiful treatments upstairs the rest of the group were downstairs partaking in activities such as Pash the Pic, Toilet Paper Brides, Help them write their vows, Pass the Parcel, Sex and the City trivia and The Bride and Groom Questionnaire.

Our main aim was to organize a day that our family and friends of all ages could enjoy and we certainly achieved that. Our group comprised of everyone from my Nan, Aunties and cousins of the bride, Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom, Family of the Groom and Friends of the Bride. We gave our guests the option of having a treatment done as we didn’t want anyone to feel pressured into participating and of our 30 guests more than half were happy to participate which was an excellent result!

So to wrap things up Total Relaxation Therapy was definitely the best choice for the day and we are over the moon with the result we achieved. All our guests commented on our therapists high level of professionalism and on what a fantastic job they did, especially with a larger group size! It’s fair to say it was an event that they will remember with a lot of laughter and happiness and I thank the girls at Total Relaxation for being such a big part of making my job as Maid of Honor so easy!! I will be sure to recommend them to anyone planning such an event!!


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Sep 6th

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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WEEK 23 Weight Gain During Pregnancy

I’m really feeling the weight in my feet this week, my feet are swollen and my shoes feels like they have shrunk. l find it best to wear flat shoes as the pressure increases during the day. The more I move the heat makes my feet grow. I become sluggish and adapt an individual style of walking, l look like l’m waddling with a limp.
Since the weight gain during pregnancy is increasing l have started to experience foot cramps these are quite severe as when they occur l can not walk. l am lucky they only happen when l am standing as imagine if it occurred when l am driving the car. Best thing to do is get your partner to rub your feet and soak them in warm water to release the stress. I even ask my partner to put my socks and shoes on for me as l find it hard to reach my feet.
Every morning l weigh myself before l have breakfast to get an idea of what is happening with my body and the baby. I currently weigh 12kg over my normal weight. l had been told to watch my weight as the average weight gain over the entire pregnancy is 15kg, not much left for me to put on. ( l’m due on the 20 November). My friends tell me not to worry as everyone is different so l will go with the flow and try and cut done on my sweets.
Yours Kate from Croydon

We hoped that you have found Kate’s thoughts on her weight gain during pregnancy helpful. If you are pregnant & you are feel the aches & pains of pregnancy due to weight gain consider our mobile pregnancy massage services to releave you of your pain. We would love to hear from you.
Pregnancy Massage
Jacqui – 0423 256 018

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Aug 15th

Sleep Positions During Pregnancy – Week 22

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Sleep positions during pregnancy – Week 22

Having trouble with sleep positions during pregnancy? Week 22 can be a difficult time to get comfortable during sleep. Read on to hear from our pregnancy massage clients experience.

“After experiancing a Total Relaxation Therapy massage l realised that when l am sleeping it would be best for me to position myself like they did in the massage. By using the pillow technique in bed it has not only helped me sleep better but it has reduced my back and tummy pain.

Total Relaxation use proffessisonal pillows so that when you lye face down your tummy is elivated therefore putting no presure on the baby, this was orignally my concern and my partners, however once l was using the pillows in the massage it was so comfortable and I had no concerns anymore as I new our baby was safe.

When the lady turned me on my side she put pillows in certain spots this helped to support my weight. It was the side pillow technique which I use when I sleep at night. It really has helped me sleep better and has taken away that pulling feeling you get when lying down at night.

Can’t wait for my next massage already booked. l will keep you informed of more of my feelings and thoughts as l feel this could help others.”

Kate Croydon.

To enquire about pregnancy massage don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide Mobile Pregnancy Massage to all of Melbourne Metropolitan.
Jacqui – 0423 256 018

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